Open a Legato Living Franchise in Your Community

Making an impact on the lives of those in your community is just the beginning of why a Legato Living Franchise is a rewarding franchise to open.

Legato Living’s Core Values

Respect ALL Understand the Value of Reputation
Extend Peace of Mind/Assure Confidence Serve
Find the Fun Embrace the Spirit of Growth

Become an Owner

If you are interested in becoming part of the Legato Living Franchise Family, we can help you get started through our proven Legato process in almost any location within the US that meets market standards (minimum 8 per home in a population area of 75,000+).

Our Passion: Developing compassionate people into impactful business owners.

Our Market Niche: Turning a big box industry into an individualized, compassionate, boutique experience.

 Proven Process: The Legato Way

Step 1: Discovery

  • Introduction – Qualify
  • Explore – Establish Territory – FDD
  • Validate – Talk to Owners and Leadership
  • Discovery Day – In Omaha

Step 2: Launch

  • Regs and local ordinance
  • Land Purchase/Home Purchase
  • Build/Remodel
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Operations
  • Omaha Visit

Step 3: Coach

  • Establish Key referral Partners
  • Establish Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Billing and Payroll Support
  • HR
  • Sales Implementation

Step 4: Build

  • On Site Visit
  • Maximize Occupancy (90% Better)
  • Second Location ($)

Step 5: Perfect

  • Running 3 Locations